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About eServer Supplies

eServer Supplies core goal is to provide low-cost hardware with enterprise customer service to retailers and end-users around the globe. We work around the clock to make sure we have the best possible price on our product catalog and we are certain we can find something to meet your requirements.

Its success is down to its dedicated team of staff that helps the business reach its goals that are set out each year. We have several partners around the world in many different locations such as North America, China and Europe. eServer Supplies has the help of agents in order to translate and ensure multilingual transactions can take place. eServer Supplies stocks items at various locations around the world with our main storage depot based in Sheffield, UK.

We stock the best products from some of the world's leading brands in computer hardware such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM and other major brands listed on our website.

We deal with many different types of components such as hard drives, processors and memory that can be new, used or refurbished. With this said we only stock brand new items or used but fully working and covered with warranty that we pass on to our clients. We also do hardware purchasing. So if you have any server hardware that you are interested in selling, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

The IT industry is very competitive market when it comes to finding the products you need at the right price. It's not all about the price when purchasing hardware but you do not want to buying overpriced parts from a company has put their large mark-up on for doing very little. Here at eServer Supplies we pass our discounts to our clients. When we or our agents source our products to buy we make sure we get the items at the lowest possible price with warranties so that you are covered. In the unlikely situation that a product is faulty we make sure there is a quick turn around on getting a replacement out to you.

We use UPS worldwide to ship our orders allowing our products to reach anywhere in the world within 2-4 working days of dispatch. We can also offer same-day delivery for items that are being shipped from the same country as you are in.

Why should you choose to come with eServer Supplies? We have access to over $85 Million dollars' worth of hardware, which we can purchase from our suppliers worldwide. We can pretty much guarantee to find the part you are looking for. If it is a product that we have it in stock on our website or we can get it shipped directly to you at the best cost possible. Our products are not strictly brand new; we also trade in used and refurbished parts allowing us to provide competitive prices on quality goods.

Our team dedicated and hardworking staff work around the clock to ensure our customers are satisfied and receiving their parts on time. We are not just a 9 while 5 company, if we have to stay up till 2AM to close a deal or help a customer we will do so.

We have recently setup the retail division of our website to undercut the other retailers online you the lowest possible cost your hardware. In today's economy everyone looks to save money as much as possible and this is the foundation of what we are trying to offer. We are here to make sure you get the right product at the right price with friendly staff that will look after you!